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auf meiner Internetseite stelle ich euch meine Publikationen vor, die sich mit Themen wie z.B. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32, NodeRED, Scratch oder Processing befassen. Nähere Informationen dazu sind unter der Seite Publikationen zu finden.


Mein aktuelles Buch-Projekt befasst sich mit dem sehr interessanten ESP32-Modul. Das Buch ist über die folgenden Links zu beziehen:

Wer schon einmal einen Blick in das Inhaltsverzeichnis des ESP32-Praxisbuches werfen möchte, sollte sich den folgenden Link nicht entgehen lassen.


Ich biete zusätzlich von Zeit zu Zeit ein paar ESP32-Addons an, die weitere Informationen liefern, die den Weg nicht ins ESP32-Praxisbuch gefunden haben. Dort sind ebenfalls Troubleshootings zu finden, die den Umgang mit dem ESP32-Picoboard erleichten.

Hier das Vorwort von Teo Swee Ann, Founder and CEO of Espressif Systems


When I learned that Erik Bartmann was writing another book about our new ESP32 chip, I
was very happy. Espressif is also about the democratization of technology; we believe that
cheap open source technology could be a way to create new solutions for problems, such
as global warming and pollution in the future; and to have Erik to write a book on ESP32 is
a great addition to ESP32 ecosystem. I remembered 2016 when Erik wrote the first maker
book about our ESP8266 chip; at that time I held the full coloured book in my hands and although I didn't understand a word of German, the structure of the book immediately made
me realize that it was both a textbook on basic electronics and a great introduction to the
Wi-Fi module. I was very happy and honoured to learn that it was gratefully accepted by
the Makers’ community in Germany.

The new ESP32 chip brings significant enhancements to the Maker world. Bluetooth functionality is becoming increasingly import ant in IoT applications. I am convinced that the
ESP modules - - along with Arduino and Raspberry Pi - - have become another important technical platform for the global Maker community.

I thank Erik for recognizing the potential of our microcontrollers so early on and help introduce them up to the Makers world.

Teo Swee Ann, Founder and CEO of Espressif Systems

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